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New product: Ballistic Overlay Module

The Ballistic Overlay Module (BOM) is a miniature module that allows adding graphic overlay to many “see-through” optical devices. It is suitable for a variety of optical instruments, but rifle scopes, binoculars, rangefinders and spotting scopes will benefit the most.

The module is capable of displaying the following data:

  • Variety of aiming marks for rifle scopes
  • Electronic anti-cant level
  • Current weather conditions
  • Distance and angle to the target
  • Ballistic corrections and a recalculated point of aim
  • Battery and wireless connection status

We are using an OLED microdisplay that can generate icons of any shape and content (unlike a pre-designed segment display). It is configurable through a mobile application.

The module firmware can also be updated through our mobile application, which allows adding new features and maintaining shipped devices throughout the lifetime.

The Ballistic Overlay Module features ultra low power design, and can operate for three days without interruption on a single alkaline AAA battery widely available from any store around the world. Using alkaline batteries also allows unrestricted shipping with all carriers.

Main features of the Ballistic Overlay Module:

  • High brightness and contrast OLED microdisplay that outperforms any illuminated reticles on the market
  • Miniature size. The main board has the size of 49 x 19 x 5 mm (1 7/8 x 3/4 x 7/32 inches)
  • Ultra low power consumption design – three days uninterrupted operation on a single AAA battery
  • Built in ballistic calculator that works without connecting to a mobile phone
  • iOS and Android applications for configuration and loading ballistic profiles
  • Easy mechanical integration
  • Operational in sub-zero temperatures
  • Shock resistant

You can see a demonstration of our module in Shot Show 2020, and in IWA 2020. We will be shipping complete evaluation modules in February 2020, and we can always adjust the design to fit your specific requirements.

Wider services that we provide

We developed a mathematical model of bullet flight in air. This model outperforms leading ballistic calculators in the field. Currently we implemented iOS and Android calculators using this novel model, we also have an implementation working on ARM Cortex M4+ and Cortex M7 microcontrollers, as well as a version for web pages. 

We can provide a smartphone application, a ballistic calculations chip, or a complete ballistic calculations electronic module. We support a range of Bluetooth laser rangefinders as a source of range data for instant calculations in the field.

Microballistics Calculator Illustration

Read more about our efforts in Ballistic Calculations.

To discuss your requirements contact us at info@microballistics.com