Adding ballistic capabilities to your hardware has never been easier. We have easy to integrate modules to enable your outdoor sports product to calculate bullet flight path with high precision. 

Whatever your products are – rangefinding monoculars or binoculars, rifle scopes, thermal or digital sights – our modules will enable them to remove any guess work when aiming.

All modules and solutions are supplied with mobile applications running on iOS and Android platforms that enable device configuration.

Our  ballistic solutions are already successfully integrated by a number  of known European brands.

plug and play
ballistic solutions

Bluetooth™ Ballistic Chip (BBC)

Easy to integrate chip and module to add ballistic capability to sighting or observation devices.

  • Integrates fast ballistic calculator and Bluetooth™ connectivity for setting up profiles.
  • Supplied with applications for iOS and Android devices.
  • Available as a chip for PCB integration or as a module to nest anywhere inside the device housing.
  • Miniature size – the chip is 8mm x 8mm, 1mm thick LGA package.
  • No programming required, Plug & Play architecture.
  • Ultra low power consumption.
  • Integrated antennas, pre-certified with FCC for hassle-free integration.

The Ballistic Overlay Module (BOM)

BOM is a miniature module that allows adding graphic overlay to many “see-through” optical devices. It is suitable for a variety of optical instruments, but rifle scopes, binoculars, rangefinders and spotting scopes will benefit the most. The module is capable of displaying the following data:

  • Variety of aiming marks for rifle scopes including user-made aiming marks.
  • Electronic anti-cant level.
  • Current weather conditions.
  • Distance and angle to the target.
  • Ballistic corrections and a recalculated point of aim.
  • Battery and wireless connection status.

This module connects automatically to a suitable rangefinder module or range finding monoculars/binoculars.

Powered with a single AAA battery that lasts for over 70 hours of uninterrupted work with display switched on, and almost indefinitely in storage.

Ballistic algorithms

Advanced ballistic algorithms and software modules for: 

  • Accurately calculating trajectories for numerous applications.
  • Creating mobile ballistic apps.
  • Calculating ballistic coefficients and profiles.
    Fluid dynamics simulations.
  • Creating fast embedded solution for real time calculations of trajectories using FPGA or microcontrollers with limited processing capacities.

Microballistics Hybrid:
Daytime 7x50 Rifle Scope with Ballistic Overlay

The scope integrates the Ballistic Overlay Module (BOM).

  • Instantly calculates ballistics and displays corrected POA.
  • Can receive distance input from a rangefinder  or it can be manually dialled from the control wheel.
  • Integrates fast ballistic calculator and wireless connectivity for setting up profiles.
  • Comes with a mobile application for iOS and Android devices.
  • 70 hours of continuous work from a single AAA battery.
  • The user can create and upload own aiming mark.